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with sports hypnotherapist Stephen Kamsika MWFH, MBATh, MSHA


Winning takes more than sporting skill

Victories happen when every cylinder of your sporting engine fires. You’ve been coached to peak physical fitness and technique. Perhaps you’ve analysed and improved on past failings with a sports psychologist. And you’re determined to win against all odds.

But what if a non-sporting issue – such as a past trauma, or too much pressure – is hurting your performance? You need to identify it and resolve it, so you can compete with a clear and focused mind. As a skilled sports hypnosis therapist to Olympians and professional sportspeople, I want to help you unlock the tools you need to succeed.

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Improve emotional fitness

The issue affecting your game isn’t always about sport. It could be past bullying, injury worries, a difficult personal relationship, addiction, or almost anything else. And if it’s clouding your mind, then it’s hurting your performance. Let’s give you the emotional skills you need to be laser-focused, on and off the track or field.

Beat performance anxiety

Fear is your biggest enemy in sport. When you fear failure, or being judged, or not living up to expectations, anxiety can creep into your mind. But when you’re feeling good about who you are? Then you have no fear, and no distractions. I want to help you understand the root of your anxiety, overcome it, and be your best self.

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Hello, I’m Stephen Kamsika.

We all have emotional weaknesses that stop us becoming the person we want to be. Even top sportspeople suffer low confidence, personal issues that cause bad form, and anxiety about what other people think. All these things can hurt your game.

It’s natural to try and dismiss problems like this: “it will go away eventually”. Or you might try to self-diagnose: “I just need to train harder”. But the longer the issue goes on, the lower your confidence and motivation dip.

We can only find the real root of performance issues at the subconscious level. This is the role of sports hypnosis and hypnotherapy. With hypnotherapy, we can test your subconscious ‘fright or flight’ response to the situation you’re struggling with. This reveals the real driver behind the issue.

As a specialist in sports hypnosis, I can also help you develop emotional fitness skills that will help you remove inner conflict – now and in the future. You already have these resources within you. Let’s unlock them together and take your sporting performance to the next level.

My professional qualifications include:

  • Psychology and Hypnosis in Sport Crystal Palace
  • Professional Practitioner in Hypnotherapy Diploma World Federation of Hypnotherapists incorporating the British Association of Therapeutic Hypnotists
  • Sports Hypnosis Certificate The UK College of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy

Available for public speaking

Are you a UK sporting organisation that wants to better understand sports hypnosis? I can present my IMPROVE system (Inner Mind Performance Reveals Outer-Viewed Effort) to your team in an entertaining session packed with useful learning points. Please contact me for details.

Information for coaches

My sports hypnosis programmes are designed to complement coaching to enhance sporting performance. I work to identify and resolve emotional issues, usually unrelated to sport, to help sportspeople train and compete with a clearer, more relaxed and more focused mind.

If you are a coach and would like to know more about sports hypnosis, please contact me.

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