Football mind fitness coaching by Stephen Kamsika MWFH, MBATh, MSHA

Client testimonial: Golfer Jonathan ‘Jigger’ Thomson

It’s common knowledge in elite sport that top performers use mind fitness techniques to create marginal gains. This is what keeps them at the top of their game.  The question to ask is, if it’s so well known, why doesn’t everyone use it? One answer is – some keep it a secret. I know this…
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18th February 2021 0

What prisoners and footballers have in common

The FA and HM Prison Service have created a new programme that uses “the power of football” to change young offenders’ lives – but as I share in my latest article, I was doing this with the FA more than a decade ago!

5th April 2019 0

How footballers can stop ‘parking’ mental health problems today

International footballer David Cotterill spent years hiding his depression – and it eventually ended his successful career much too early. Clubs and sporting bodies say help is available. But when attitudes in football are reactive, instead of proactive, that help always seems to come too late. And mental health issues are still a big taboo…
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22nd November 2018 0

Why marginal gains are vital for the England team, and every sportsperson

Ex-England cricketer Mark Ramprakash had an excellent career, scoring over 100 first-class centuries and moving on to TV appearances and coaching at the highest level. Interestingly, he attributes part of his success to a conversation he had with a mind coach – even though they only spoke for five minutes!

4th September 2018 0

Why sportspeople should prepare for a career after sport now

A recent PFA report found that one in two professional footballers suffer depression, or feel they have “lost control of their lives”, after retiring.

9th August 2018 0

What is “the wrong kind of praise” for sportspeople?

Is all praise good? Or can some kinds of positive feedback actually hold sportspeople back? Studies show that praising someone’s existing ability – instead of their hard work and willingness to improve – can create a “limiting” mindset, which reduces motivation to try new challenges.

7th July 2018 1

Improving support for sportspeople who have suffered abuse

Recent months have seen many reports of abuse of young sportspeople by their coaches, even at top football clubs. Support for these young people is slowly improving – helping to turn victims into survivors, so that their careers don’t have to be ruined before they begin.

7th June 2018 0

Similarities between VR pain relief and hypnotherapy

Virtual reality is often associated with video games. But did you know it is also being trialled in hospitals to relieve burns victims’ pain – and could be used by sportspeople in the future?

21st May 2018 0